ShalPhotoAlbum is a html Photo Albm generator written in bash. It also calls other program, written in C, wich uses the gd library, which also uses the jpeglib.

This program takes a directory full of jpeg imags and creates a photo album with thumbnails, indexes, and so on.

The format of the final album is fully configurable, including some styles not usuals, It also can be expanded with some new album formats.

And after all, shalPhotoAlbum is multilanguage, it works in spanish and in english (reading the $LANG variable form the enviroment). Perhaps it's not fully translated but I hope the most important things are (only the error messages aren't translated).


The gd lybary, unless you want to download the static compiled version, and of course the gd-devel for compilating.


Rigth now there's only one package and one release, the 0.9. You can Download this package Here


Just type make and make install form root, it'll install the files in /usr/local/bin


The program you must call is shalPhotoAlbum, and this are the options:
shalPhotoAlbum [OPTIONS]
The Options can be any of those in any order:
        -help: Shows this help
        -srcDir <dir>: Source Directory of Images (must be set)
        -dstDir <dir>: Destination Directory where the album will be created [.]
        -thTam <value>: Thumbnails' size
                1: 160x120
                2: 320x240 (default option)
        -resTam <value>: Resized images' size
                2:1024x768 (default option)
        -albumType <type> <options>
                shal: Options: Photos in Page [8] & separator lines [1]
                normal: Options: columns [4] & rows [5]
        -border <tam>: Border's size of tables
        -showIndex top|bottom|both|none list|link
                top: Only at top of page
                bottom: Only at bottom of page (default)
                both: top & bottom
                none: Neither top nor bottom
                list: Index is a list of pages (default)
                link: Index is a link to previous & next page
        -showLinks yes|no
                yes: Show links in each photo page (default)
                no: Don't show
        -showDescription yes|no
                yes: Show description in each album page
                no: Don't show (default)


Here you have a pair of examples of shalPhotoAlbum.

I prefear examples better than screenshots, so you can see what shalPhotoAlbum does exactly ;-)

As you can see this 2 albums are very differents, and are just two examples of the posibilities of shalPhotoAlbum, becouse the huge number of parameters.

Example 1

This album has been generated with the default options; that are:

Example 2

This example is generated with a lot of non default options, that are:



There are some thing I've planned, but I'll do them when I have some time.


Contact me throug the way you prefeer for feedback about shalPhotoAlbum:

e-mail:	shalafi@usuarios.retecal.es
MSN: 	raulportales@hotmail.com
AIM: 	raulpor
YMSN:	sla_shalafi


Here you have, other proyects I have made (or making now)